Friday, October 4, 2019

Insignificant Existence - Forest Of Oblivion (2018)

Artist: Insignificant Existence
Album:   Forest Of Oblivion
Year: 2018


1. Nocturnal Lagophthalmos 05:13   
2. Blood Stained On The Pillar 06:24
3. Forest Of Oblivion 06:07
4. In The Contempt Of The Fears 07:50   
5. Exiled From The Sun 06:02 

Insignificant Existence - Black Metal from France 
Pro CDR in jewel case with 4 pages booklet Limited to 50 copies.

7 Euro 

Price: 19zł 

Donation, for the Dark Side of Power! Keep this Label Alive!

Keep the Dark! Keep the Passion. Love me. Love unlimited black. Empty and full space vacuum. Where his voice resounds forever