"We are a label focusing on depressive ambient or black metal. We are not looking for anything. Anesthesiologically severe, immersed in deep hypothermia. Where the breath is already imperceptible. Black, mourning, where we find no reason to inhale and exhale. Only chemicals and anesthesia. Artificial poisoned and stolen food. Depressive Black Ambient says: "We poison all the wormy albums by hand. We don't want factory fumes. We despise all the mass series. Only sinful hands can coronate the guilt. Hatred pours out with yellow, mangy venom. It is on our every album. If you take from us, you become a companion in a great mistake in life. You don't live with us anymore. You feel the mustiness of your rotten body. Receive, love and hate. Our manual work deserves a coronation. You have already chosen, so don't live with us. The light went out, I saw darkness, illuminations of nothing. Emptiness filled my heart. Now I LOVE Myself. Receive communion with me..."

















DBA-black-019-Vallée des Larmes - Absque Nube Pro Nobis (2022)


Artist: Vallée des Larmes
Absque Nube Pro Nobis

Country: France
Genre: Dark Ambient, Martial
Lyrics: Religious, Ritual
Edition: Limited 100 procdr
Mood: Exalted
Need to Have?: Yes, for pray

1. Melki-Tsedek Inner Order
2. Cendres de Lune
3. Sainte Obscuritee
4. Le Rosaire du Cenobite
5. Notre Dame des Lamentations
6. Saint Vitus
7. Détruire la Miserable Chaumiere Adamique
8. The Inner Sanctuary lay hidden beneath the Cloud
9. Gluten - L'Enfer Acte I
10. Santuario dell Abisso
11. Pénitance
12. Disciplina Arcani
13. Sensorium Interieur
tt: 70:00
Depressive Black Ambient proudly presents the third album of French project: Vallée des Larmes.
It is a continuation of Dark Ambient work, where we can learn the secrets and recesses of religious, hidden dimensions. Often the songs are accompanied by vocal parts. Where a female voice recites forgotten poetry from dark cathedrals and churches. The whole mystery is completed by choral parts, where we can hear sacred incantations.
In this music, the perception changes all the time. Fear and the inevitable apocalypse accompany humble black characters.
While listening, we immerse ourselves in the humid ancient walls of abandoned buildings. Massive shattered waves of human sins shine on the album entitled "Absque Nube Pro Nobis". Loud and screaming layers of oncoming change.  

High Quality prints and full Jewel Box covers. Dark Ambient / Martial from France 

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