"We are a label focusing on depressive ambient or black metal. We are not looking for anything. Anesthesiologically severe, immersed in deep hypothermia. Where the breath is already imperceptible. Black, mourning, where we find no reason to inhale and exhale. Only chemicals and anesthesia. Artificial poisoned and stolen food. Depressive Black Ambient says: "We poison all the wormy albums by hand. We don't want factory fumes. We despise all the mass series. Only sinful hands can coronate the guilt. Hatred pours out with yellow, mangy venom. It is on our every album. If you take from us, you become a companion in a great mistake in life. You don't live with us anymore. You feel the mustiness of your rotten body. Receive, love and hate. Our manual work deserves a coronation. You have already chosen, so don't live with us. The light went out, I saw darkness, illuminations of nothing. Emptiness filled my heart. Now I LOVE Myself. Receive communion with me..."

















Wednesday, May 18, 2022

DBA-black-021-Sghor- Part of Lies (2022) (Ethereal Dark Ambient)


Artist: Sghor
Part of Lies

Country: Poland
Genre: Dark Ambient
Lyrics: Emotions, Loss
Edition: Limited 100 procdr
Mood: Quaint
Need to Have?: Yes, to be Renewed

1. Above the Heaven
2. Part of Lies
3. Abyssal Chant
4. And My Father Forever Left
5. Cry of the Great Absent
6. This Tormented Reality

tt: 49:20
We present a new release from the Dark Ambient genre, a very ethereal and unstable album. The reality of where you actually saw your life fades away. The dark is not that bad after all.

Sghor, who comes from Lublin, publishes his 17th album, experimenting, eventually closing himself in a Dark Ambient. It's not about spaces, but rather about a tarry heavy climate where it's hard for you to catch the breath. Standard specific music contains the author's personal and often sad experiences. The atmosphere of this album introduces us to the individual, traumas or fears of Sghor. As the artist says about himself: The Great Absent. Maybe something was missing in life, maybe it was mostly time wasted. It is possible that the objects of focus so far have deviated significantly from the model.

This standard length song pack tells us something the artist didn't want to say. It guides us through the various themes of our present life. A life so impermanent and tiring at the same time.

49 minutes of soulful Ambient. It is enough for you to survive. 



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