"We are a label focusing on depressive ambient or black metal. We are not looking for anything. Anesthesiologically severe, immersed in deep hypothermia. Where the breath is already imperceptible. Black, mourning, where we find no reason to inhale and exhale. Only chemicals and anesthesia. Artificial poisoned and stolen food. Depressive Black Ambient says: "We poison all the wormy albums by hand. We don't want factory fumes. We despise all the mass series. Only sinful hands can coronate the guilt. Hatred pours out with yellow, mangy venom. It is on our every album. If you take from us, you become a companion in a great mistake in life. You don't live with us anymore. You feel the mustiness of your rotten body. Receive, love and hate. Our manual work deserves a coronation. You have already chosen, so don't live with us. The light went out, I saw darkness, illuminations of nothing. Emptiness filled my heart. Now I LOVE Myself. Receive communion with me..."

















Thursday, October 29, 2020

DBA-black-010-UROK - Chronology of Dead Worlds - impulse 1 DVD VIDEO Concert

Artist: Urok
Chronology of Dead Worlds - impulse 1 DVD Video

Country: Serbia
Genre: Dark Ambient, Electronica
Lyrics: Sci-fi, Cosmos
Edition: Limited 100 prodvdr
Mood: Seeking
Need to Have?: Yes, for explore the other worlds


1. Doomed to Pass
2. Void Infinity
3. Traspassing the Eternity
pt1 Primal Impulse
pt2 Four Dimension Crossroad
pt3 Entropic Penetration
4. Decay Loop
5. Dismal Traces


tt: 54:56


Filmed live on 25th of May in Elektropionir, Belgrade, Serbia by Jelena Petrović and Igor Stanić. Edited by Igor Stanić. Video production by Igor Stanić. Live sound and light by Aleksandar Apostolovski. Audio mix by Kirill Boyko. Audio production by Igor Stanić. Additional video projection: Vovka Chudinov. Physical releases: - Buy official limited audio cassette here: gromrecords@gmail.com - Buy official limited T-shirt here: gromrecords@gmail.com About UROK: …the superior freedom of sounds gives us absolute power of expression and shows us unlimited dimensions we can walk to. UROK follows the wilderness of sound and its live form, UROK is just a messenger and implementer of the original echoes from the unknown distances. The captured and teamed echoes of the eternity UROK carries and offers to those who can feel and receive their magnificence and wisdom, to those who can share weight of these cognitions with us. Our life, just a blink in the entire order of universal existence is completely filled with sound, created by the sound and sound is what will remain after us in all its deepness and mystique. UROK is a witness, the one who preaches about the highest forms of existence, existence of everything and entropy as the main force we are permeated with. UROK does not seek those who will understand, but those who are capable of listening and feeling with their entire being… UROK are: Witness I Witness II Do not expect…continue to listen!


High Quality prints and full Jewel Box covers.
Ambient with dark voices from SERBIA!
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