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Inpitch, The End ‎– Reflections Of Sadness (2013) Raw, Depressive Suicidal Black Metal. First press

 Inpitch, The End ‎– Reflections Of Sadness (2013)

Label: Depressive Illusions Records ‎– cut 981

Format: PRO-cdr

High quality covers 3 page booklet. PLASTDIPACK Case

This record is a soundtrack to a failed life. Everything fucked up. Drank moral values. You wanted to achieve so much. Everything you've experienced is a complete mistake. Even the relatives and family have turned backs on you.
The record is characterized by strong raw guitar rifles. The drums are delicate. Everything so as not to disturb the vocal parts. The voice of the musicians is full of black mourning. As if they just came back from the funeral. Yeah, if they spent 99 years underground. A voice full of worms. Destroyed by loneliness. Willingness to change and fail.
The tracks are medium length. They do not last for hours. This music is for you, so you can gently open your veins. Dear blood will come out and kill the old figure. Everything to be born again with the last song. Music for fans: Xasthur, Striborg, Happy Days, Hypothermia, Yhdarl, None, and many other travelers of fail


    1. Inpitch    I'm Tired Of Life 
    2. Inpitch    Fast Melancholy 
    3. Inpitch    Echo Of Forthcoming Pain 
    4. Inpitch    I... The Root Of Your Problems 
    5. The End (50)    Blinding Neon 
    6. The End (50)    Early Morning Subway Melancholy 
    7. The End (50)    Suffering From Beautiful Mental Trauma (2nd Version)        

      Inpitch - Ambient Black Metal from Brazil
      The End - Avangarde Black Metal from India

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