"We are a label focusing on depressive ambient or black metal. We are not looking for anything. Anesthesiologically severe, immersed in deep hypothermia. Where the breath is already imperceptible. Black, mourning, where we find no reason to inhale and exhale. Only chemicals and anesthesia. Artificial poisoned and stolen food. Depressive Black Ambient says: "We poison all the wormy albums by hand. We don't want factory fumes. We despise all the mass series. Only sinful hands can coronate the guilt. Hatred pours out with yellow, mangy venom. It is on our every album. If you take from us, you become a companion in a great mistake in life. You don't live with us anymore. You feel the mustiness of your rotten body. Receive, love and hate. Our manual work deserves a coronation. You have already chosen, so don't live with us. The light went out, I saw darkness, illuminations of nothing. Emptiness filled my heart. Now I LOVE Myself. Receive communion with me..."

















Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Why hand-made black is better than factory-made black?

Why hand-made black is better than factory-made black? Because handmade contains the spirit of the creator. All his assumptions. Quantum entanglements. Higghs boson.
One day when I was creating my albums. I was in sadness. I just had to print covers. I did some minor corrections in the text. I had to write a word for the listener. You know what? I have included in this text my layers of galactic powerlessness. There were whole nebulae of despair, pain and mourning.

It would not have happened if the feelings of God's taken away would not have manifested. The light of unbelief shone. The light of hopelessness shone. The light of all this moral swamp shone.
I didn't think much. Thoughts escaped, creating alternative worlds. I did not want that. I didn't want to be the creator of emptiness. Vacuum is all that is not inside of me. Is not is. I am not here. I printed pure paper emotions. I printed the cd's, where they circled me with Lilith. Circle me Lilith, Circle me vacuum.
Circle me the master...


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