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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Three days ago, I was thinking about data carriers. CD, CDr, MP3

Three days ago, I was thinking about data carriers. I saw how far everything went.
Today you can buy, remastered Beatles discography on pendrive. Everything in quality 24bit 192khz.
I wonder what the sense of this is. Will we resort to impossible quality? Will this course continue?

I understand that once mp3 128kbps was a substitute. Where somehow was unsatisfactory. Of course, there were differences, between 128kbps and 320kbps. But this is the end. Unfortunately, I can not believe that someone will recognize blindly which is which.

I can not believe that even the biggest audiophile will recognize a sample of 320kbps vs CD quality. The human ear is imperfect in this matter. Above certain frequencies, can not hear the difference. Amen. And this is holy.

So I understand that the formats above these so-called High Res, have a purely collector value. Wild satisfy. The will to possess and greed.

Yes, human greed is huge – insatiable. I believe that the quality of a CD or CDr is sufficient for us. I intend to buy more compact discs. See what happened last. Servers have been dropped, which storing your data in the cloud. Many people who didn’t have physical carriers, lost their data.

Is a good solution to store music on CDs.

CDs have a durability about of 50 years.
CDRs in the CD-Audio format are the same.

They decorate your home and have the spirit of the label. The best such as DIY, handmade.
We will get the best sound by listening to an Audio CD in a stationary player. This player will be connected to the amplifier, preferably some old Technics model.

I'm doing it, I will do it and I recommend it to everyone.


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