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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Sghor - Away From Light, Away From Life PRO *PREMIUM* TAPE Exclusive Item RAR

SGHOR - Away From Light, Away From Life

Label: Depressive Illusions Records ‎– cut 341

Format: TAPE
High quality covers 2 page booklet. 

 WARNING! This is the last cassette of this type. It is a unique product of the premium class.
The price is one-time and exclusive. This is not an object for everyone. We offer this edible copy at such a price. Music on tape. For connoisseurs. Choose something unusual for yourself. Give a gift. Love. Feel the love. Eteric Dark Ambient. You did not hear that. From tape. Pure analog sound!

1.Rondo: Sexual Tendencies 12:33
2.Piano: Ania 02:38
3.Little Things Between Us 20:38
4.Misogyny and Denial 16:46 

 Ethereal Dark Ambient from Poland.
Tape limited 111 copies. 

45 Euro

Donation, for the Dark Side of Power! Keep this Label Alive!

Keep the Dark! Keep the Passion. Love me. Love unlimited black. Empty and full space vacuum. Where his voice resounds forever